speak up culture drives significant revenue growth

speak up culture drives significant revenue growth

engaging employee hearts & minds in growth

At DTA, a 100-year-old logistics strategy company based in Toronto, Canada, industry trends signalled significant changes were needed in how the company operated, if they were to survive market shifts.

A new “speak up” culture was needed, for employees to take stronger ownership in innovation and delivery of products and services.

Team discussions about culture and process improvements created dramatic, rapid shifts in culture that led to immediate changes in bottomline revenue growth.


DTA is a 100-year-old transportation logistics strategy company, based in Toronto, Canada. Competition in their industry was becoming increasingly tight, and the leadership team agreed that without a dramatic shift in their workplace culture, they ran the risk of being out of business.

project details

the challenge

They knew they needed to shift from a top-down, complianceoriented culture, to one where employees could drive innovation, growth and process improvements, given their frontline view of customer issues and priorities.

Culture change can be daunting, but the leadership team knew it was vital.

the process

After an initial strategy meeting with the leadership team to identify key issues, a series of leader-led conversations for managers to have with their teams was created. The conversations focused on innovation and process improvements and were a vehicle to begin encouraging team members to voice their thoughts around challenges and ideas for improvements.

In between their monthly conversations, the Habit Builder technology provided a process for team members to define a skill or mindset shift and make improvements via technology “nudges” to rate their progress and create journal entries.

the outcomes

After six months of conversations and taking action towards implementing changes, the teams had resolved 85% of the key issues identified at the outset. Participants reported now being able to identify and implement changes to how they interacted with customers.

Most significantly, in addition to increasing topline revenue through greater innovation and idea generation (which was the goal for the program), the business achieved 13% in bottomline revenue through the process improvements and issue resolution work that they completed.

Client Feedback
  • “People are more aware of my safety commitments and act accordingly around me. I feel they respect safety much more.”

    Site Safety Supervisor – Global Engineering Firm

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