SLT habit change

SLT habit change

changing team performance by working on single habits

A manufacturer, with locations in Australia and the United States, is looking to grow and ultimately be publicly listed on the ASX:
• The company is focusing on growth, organically and through acquisitions, and
• At times of growth, the focus often is solely on numbers; more sales, more people, more locations.

The company knows if they want to grow well, they need to grow their leaders, starting with the Executive Team. An initial High-Performing Team Assessment identified three areas of improvement, which would immediately enhance cohesion and collaboration in the team. Our Habit Builder program helped every leader work on a single commitment.


The client is an international manufacturer, proving home security solutions for domestic and commercial clients. The client is experiencing growth, organically and through acquisitions. The Executive Team is experiencing growth in expertise, and in numbers.

project details

the challenge

To be able to lead the growth well, the Executive Team needs to become a high-performing team. As new people join the team and the focus of the teams shifts, clear communication, trust and empathy are essentials enablers for the team’s – and ultimately the organisation’s – success.

the process

The Executive Team members participated in a three-week Habit Builder program, in which they all chose a personal commitment from three identified themes:

• Communication
• Trust, and
• Empathy

They practised their new habits daily and were held accountable by our Habit Builder and a buddy in the team. Every member chooses the frequency to interact with the Habit Builder to build conscious habits. The accountability in the program helps the team learn as a team, through sharing experiences, thoughts and views.

the outcomes

Team interaction and productivity increased form the moment Executives started working on their personal commitments.

The Habit Builder measured every Executive’s progress. It reflected 100% commitment from the Executives and an overall increase of almost 150% in practicing their chosen habit.

Every Executive believed their commitment helped them be a more effective leader; their new habits have a positive impact on the Executive Team.

Practically, the Habit Builder helped the Executives to connect on a personal level, interact with consideration and be accountable to themselves and each other.

Client Feedback
  • “The habit builder has changed my habits and I can see it changed others. It’s having a positive impact. ”

    CEO – International Manufacturer

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Shape Leaders, Drive Strategies, Exceed Expectations.

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