situational awareness at the executive level

situational awareness at the executive level

being situationally attuned increases the range of influence

An executive leader of a company, with locations in Australia and the United States, is looking to grow and increase cross-Pacific interoperability. The executive has just been elevated to a new position, and has to get to know and manoeuvre a new landscape. He finds;

  • most people are technically sound, their expertise is top-notch,
  • these people need to be able to work together better and learn to understand the company’s movements outside their field of technical expertise, and
  • his own ability to influence others depends on how well he understands them and their circumstances.


Tom is a highly ambitious and talented marketing professional who recently earned a promotion to a leadership position in a global manufacturing company.

project details

the challenge

Tom quickly realised that the success of his team depended not only on his technical expertise but also on his ability to adapt, understand, and manage relationships effectively. As a senior leader, he had to manage multiple expectations in different environments. He also understood that Effective collaboration with his manager – the CEO is crucial for ensuring success. As a member of the senior leadership team, Tom had to manage various expectations in different environments effectively.

the process

The Circle of Leadership Practice yielded several positive outcomes for Tom

the outcomes

enhanced team performance
By adapting his leadership style to meet individual needs, Tom fostered a collaborative and inclusive team culture. Team members felt empowered to contribute their unique strengths, resulting in improved team performance and productivity.

stronger employee engagement
Tom created a supportive environment where team members felt heard, valued, and motivated. This led to higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention.

effective collaboration
Tom’s emphasis on relationship management allowed him to forge strong partnerships with stakeholders across the organisation as well as externally. This facilitated smoother collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and alignment toward strategic goals.

personal growth
Tom’s journey toward becoming an adaptable and empathetic leader transformed his own professional growth. He gained a deeper understanding of his own strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style, allowing him to improve and adapt as a leader continually.

Client Feedback
  • “My new dedication to improving my Circle of Leadership influence and effectiveness has led to a recent significant promotion to divisional GM.”

    Tom – Marketing Professional

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Shape Leaders, Drive Strategies, Exceed Expectations.

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