not-for-profit organisation

not-for-profit organisation


A national merger of a not-for-profit organisation consisting of more than 5000 volunteers, led by permanent staff.

project details

the challenge

To lead the newly established entity well, the Executive Team needs to go from a team of leaders to a leadership team. The challenges were both on an individual level for leaders settling into new roles and collectively aligning with the unique mission and vision of the organisation. In addition, there is a far-reaching and extensive restructuring that the Executive Team has to lead and integrate.

the process

The newly established Executive Team went through a process of learning about leadership and its practical application for their specific context, discovering their strengths and preferences, and creating collaboration habits with others on the team. Finally, they collectively developed their leadership charter for the new entity and aligned their expectations of what success ultimately looks like for them.

the outcomes

The Executive Team started to function more effectively and efficiently. However, gaps in the team became apparent, leading to the restructuring of the team portfolios. They were empowered to take agency of the corporate mission and start leading from a national perspective.

Client Feedback
  • “…brilliant job (DnA Leaders). The team is excited”

    CEO – Not-for-profit

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