fostering courageous decision-making

fostering courageous decision-making

the case of a national body’s senior leadership team

A not-for-profit merged independent state-based operations into an Australia-wide national organisation.

Executives in the new organisation were aligned in their mission, but their execution was misaligned. Daily they dealt with;

  • state-based policies, procedures, processes and systems,
  • absence of trust among the executives, resulting from a lack of mutual understanding , and
  • Inability to make difficult decisions and prioritise the national organisation over the legacy state-based operations.


A recently merged national body appointed a new senior leadership team to address emerging challenges and drive organisational transformation.

Project details

the challenge

The newly formed senior leadership team encountered difficulties in making courageous decisions necessary for effective change and progress.

Some of these challenges included a risk-averse organisational culture, fear of failure, resistance to change, and a lack of cohesive decisionmaking processes.

the process

Through their concerted efforts in applying the Integrative Decision-Making Approach, the senior leadership team witnessed several positive outcomes:

the outcomes

courageous decision-making
The team began making bold and courageous decisions, unafraid of challenging the status quo. They embraced innovative approaches, implemented transformative initiatives, and spearheaded change within the senior leadership team and the organisation.

improved organisational performance
The courageous decisions made by the senior leadership team resulted in improved organisational performance and responsiveness to changing market demands. The organisation demonstrated increased adaptability, innovation, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.

enhanced employee engagement
The team’s focus on trust, psychological safety, and open communication fostered a culture of engagement and collaboration. Team members felt empowered to contribute their ideas and challenge existing practices, resulting in higher employee satisfaction and motivation.

external recognition
The national body gained recognition for its transformative initiatives and the senior leadership team’s ability to make courageous decisions.

Client Feedback
  • “Through the work of the senior leadership team, they achieved a fresh new national branding, an engaging vision statement and a growing sense of their Australian identity.”

    Senior Leadership Team – Australian National Organisation

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Shape Leaders, Drive Strategies, Exceed Expectations.

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