details can derail leadership effectiveness.

details can derail leadership effectiveness.

are you stuck in the details?

We have the privilege to work with executive and senior leadership teams. In the last few months, we have noticed some peculiar behaviours with some of our clients.

It seems to be “in vogue” to focus on details at the most senior levels. Of course, every level comes with its own set of details, appropriate for decision-making at that level, this is not only normal but is required.

What we have picked up in the last few months are details, of a much lower level being elevated to executive or senior leadership level. These details are not being pushed up from the lower levels, rather these leaders are going down to the lower levels to collect them. Under the guise of ‘understanding what is going on’, these leaders are inappropriately getting stuck in the detail. These kinds of behaviours are risky:

  • Executives focus on strategy, objectives, outcomes and providing leadership. Please keep the following in mind, the next time you have an urge to seek detail at lower levels.
  • The more you focus on detail, the more you disempower those you lead. The detail needs to stay at the level in your organisation where it belongs. Learn to be comfortable saying ‘I do not have that detail, let my person talk to your person about it’. Keep the detail out of the executive suite.
  • As soon as you focus on detail, you are not doing your job as an executive; you are no longer effective as an executive decision maker. Ask yourself, ‘Whilst I am down here looking at the detail, who is doing my job?’
  • A need for detail is a symptom of a lack of trust. First and foremost, it is often a lack of trust in yourself and your abilities to make decisions at your level. Your need to feel comfortable with detail may stem from a lack of confidence in your area of expertise. Learn to rely on your own abilities, instead of data, to grow your confidence, and ability to make decisions. Secondly, needing detail generally means you do not trust the people you lead to handle the detail. Perhaps, you have not developed them well enough, to be empowered to take on their responsibilities.

Detail has a constricting effect on leadership effectiveness. Don’t forget there is such a thing as having too much information to make a decision.

getting stuck in operational detail?

Find out how a focus on operational detail can derail your organisational leadership effectiveness, and pick up a few tips on how to prevent it, along the way.

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