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Driven by our unwavering belief in human potential and the transformative power of leadership, we are committed to fostering a positive impact on individuals and organisations by encouraging responsibility, expressing gratitude, and relentlessly pursuing excellence.

While our focus is on improving leadership outcomes, we honour our environmental and social responsibilities by:

  • Supporting local commerce and industry and minimising carbon impact.

  • We pledge our time to provide pro-bono coaching for at-risk individuals as well as for women in STEMM, helping them become effective leaders and creating a better future.

  • We only work with suppliers who prioritise sustainable practices, including waste reduction and recycling and treat their staff ethically and with fair compensation.

Emee Botha
founder and director

Emee is a leadership development and executive coach, passionate supporter of business leaders and organisations and author.  She founded DnA Consultants two decades ago to assist leaders in keeping up with and excelling in a rapidly changing world.

She is the driving force behind the eXcelleration Blueprint and methodology, assisting leaders to navigate future horizons.

She has journeyed with emerging leaders to seasoned executives, across a wide range of industries and sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure and construction, oil and gas, mining and pipelines, and manufacturing.

Emee is a speaker and facilitator and has delivered keynote addresses on various topics, including leadership, culture, emotional intelligence, and the value of teams.

Through my journey with cancer in 2012, I learned a lot about myself, particularly about the importance of balancing family, career, and purpose. This realisation has stuck with me ever since. I enjoy hiking in the mountains, and after a recent trip to the Rockies, I am now planning a trek in the Himalayas.

“A great passion is my volunteering with an international leadership program for women in STEMM, assisting in a community project creating health and education facilities in Zambia. I enjoy playing golf, having family dinners, and spending time with grandchildren.”

Other information on Emee: she holds a Bachelor’s and two Honours degrees. She is a Fellow of the Asia Pacific Institute of Learning & Performance and a certified coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She holds certifications in several assessment tools, including The Leadership Circle Profile and Human Synergistics’ LSI and GSI, the Hogan series of assessments and the Flexibility & Trust Survey (Integro).

“I am committed to every engagement, and I firmly anchor my core values in the unwavering bond of family, the perpetual journey of learning, and the steadfast pillar of integrity.”

Christian van den Bosch
principal consultant

Christian learned to be a leader and develop leaders in the military, and has adapted his learning to the commercial world. Experienced in the mining and resources world, engineering, legal profession and professional services firms, Christian has built leaders and teams to grow beyond their expectations.

Christian joined DnA Leaders in 2021, and has brought a combination of leadership, business savviness and to assist the journey which led to the eXcelleration blueprint.

Christian has a track record of working at operational and strategic levels in organisations and he often is the conduit between these levels. He has enjoyed liaising between organisations in international settings and knows how to balance, strategic, operational and national interests to bring stakeholders together.

As Christian focuses on the person behind the professional, he helps leaders discover their drivers and truly become the leader they wish to be. The unique experiences in his earlier career, provide an exciting platform to give organisational leaders a different perspective on their environment and themselves. As such, he has had the privilege to speak to large and small audiences, sharing experiences and challenging mindsets.

Christian van den Bosch
principal consultant

Christian holds a Master’s degree in project management, focused on organisational change. He complements this degree with Bachelor’s degrees in business and engineering. He is a certified results coach and combines academic forming with practical experience to continue his personal expertise journey.

Outside of work, Christian enjoys spending time outdoors, albeit on a hike, the golf course or on his motorbike. He volunteers as mentor with Mentoring Men, proving a sounding board for people who can use on in their life.


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